I'm not sure about counseling...

I often hear people admit they are unsure if the actually "need" counseling. Others comment they are messed up beyond repair. Taking the first step of making an appointment with a professional counselor can be the most courageous step you make! Finding the right counselor is a process and it is important to find a counselor you can trust, one who shares your values, and one you believe can walk with you in practical ways to help you move through your difficult issue. I would love the privilege of joining you on your journey of discovering healing, wholeness, and hope.

Here are a few issues and "reasons" why many people seek out the help of a professional counselor.

  • Inability to overcome sadness

  • Feeling like your worry and anxiety are out of control

  • Loss over stage of life transitions

  • Fear in opening up wounds from childhood

  • A sounding board for making tough life decisions

  • Working through abuse, whether it's emotional, physical, sexual or verbal

  • Difficulty managing grief and loss

  • Marriage struggles

  • Inability to draw healthy relational boundaries

  • Divorce recovery

  • Low self-worth and co-dependency

  • Processing premarital issues

  • Parenting struggles and challenges

  • Adolescent issues

  • Spiritual woundings

  • The pain of broken relationships

  • Body image and eating struggles

  • Biblical counsel in dealing with life challenges

Feel free to call me for a chat to see if you think you would be interested in setting up an appointment here in the Huntsville area.