As a trauma-informed counselor, I can walk with you through the pain of communication struggles, PTSD, depression, anxiety, trauma, betrayal, relational distress, loneliness, abuse recovery, and more.

Walking with individuals

We live in a culture where admitting weakness can be looked down upon; where asking for help is a sign of weakness; where struggle is seen as a “bad” thing.  And when it comes to the struggles we are having with navigating our lives, it can feel like an admission of failure to ask for help.  But the truth is: we need each other. And the truth is: it’s okay to struggle. I tell people all the time that distress is not a sign that YOU are a failure. It’s a sign that maybe you need someone to walk with you to help bring insight and direction. And hope. You can book now or Learn More- 

Walking with couples and families 

marriage counseling Huntsville, TX

My desire is to meet couples and families right in the middle of those hurtful interactions, frustrating conflicts, and confusing patterns. I believe marriage and family therapy should offer a safe place of acceptance, compassion, understanding, and exploration. I desire to meet couples just as they are and walk with them from a place of hurt, frustration, or confusion to a place of restoration, reconnection, and forgiveness. It is possible to make it to a place of healing; it helps to have someone walk with you and help untangle the old hurts and old ways of relating. You can book on online here or Learn More-

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Author Dan Allender says, "The work of restoration cannot begin until a problem is fully faced."

I firmly believe it takes courage to ask for help.

Let me help you face it.