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"Marriage is only as good as the investment people make in it. God has constructed life so that we are always either going forward into the growth process or backing away from it. We can’t stay the same. And marriage reflects this reality."

Henry Cloud

What if we viewed marriage counseling the same as we view changing the oil in our cars? Or rotating our tires every 10,000 miles?  Healthy marriages take investment. They take maintenance work. Couple therapy does not have to ONLY be for that last desperate moment right before divorce. Healthy marriages require tune-ups, investment, and attention.

Of course, couples’ counseling clearly involves some of those more "messy" moments: when communication has come to a screeching halt; where defensiveness and criticism are the name of the game; when understanding and compassion are long gone; when past trauma is significantly affecting the here and now. Trauma damages trust systems, self worth, and brings on the heavy blanket of hopelessness and despair. Using current advances in trauma research and neuroscience, I walk with couples to untangle the hurts that have been piling up for years, teach new and healthier ways of connecting, and work to embrace the grief over what has been lost. Don’t wait any longer. Let me walk with you to a place of healing. I am a member of the Texas Counseling Association (TCA), American Counseling Association (ACA), and American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). You can schedule here or call 936-931-8051.

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I have moved from seeing children/adolescents as clients to working with parents instead. I have found more success in resolving family conflicts by working with parents to find creative new ways to respond when parent/child patterns get stuck and conflicted. Parenting is HARD work! It can feel like a whirlwind of uncertainty and confusion. And we were never intended to wade through the complexity of parenting all alone or through Google or a stranger’s blog. Sometimes we need someone with experience and training to help us through the challenges. My own journey of navigating the unique joys and challenges of EACH parenting stage has given me empathy for those families trudging along those difficult paths. I know: that path can feel lonely. My desire is to walk with you in the spirit of exploration. It is possible to make it to a place of healing! You can schedule now.