Session COST

Christine Hoover, LPC is a private pay practice, with each client responsible for full payment at time of session

Individual or Couple Therapy Session, 45 minutes:

$85 cash/check, $90 credit/debit card

PLEASE NOTE: The office maintains a STRICT $45 late cancellation/no-show policy. An appointment must be changed or cancelled 24 hours before the appointment or the $45 late cancellation/no show fee will be charged to the card on file.


I do not process any insurance in my office. You can read more about the purposes for that on the FAQ page. Payments can be made via cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) can also be used to cover counseling services. I take payments directly in my office after each session.  

A few thoughts when struggling through the cost of counseling

Seeking healing and restoration is well-worth the investment of time and resources. Think more in terms of VALUE instead of simply COST. Each of us have the choice to use our resources for what matters and what we value most. Think about this:

Two family meals eating out at a restaurant can cost the same as a counseling session.

  • One quick trip to Target for miscellaneous items can easily run up a tab about the same price as a counseling session.

  • A couple of Amazon purchases could equal the price of a well-spent session working on a relationship bringing you distress.

  • Numerous trips through the drive-though can quickly add up to the price of a counseling session.

Sacrifice in one area can reap incredible rewards in another. If you are struggling in an area but don’t feel like you can afford counseling, set a budget for yourself for the next 2 months and save enough for a couple of sessions. Take an inventory of what is most important to you and then willingly spend your resources on what matters most. And if payment is difficult, ask a family member to invest in your relational, spiritual, and emotional health by chipping in a little to help with session cost. It doesn’t hurt to ask!


If you set up an appointment online, you will be able to fill out the intake paperwork via the online portal. If you do not want to use the portal, the link below will allow you to download the PDF and bring it to your appointment already filled out. Simply click on the Adult Client From below to download the intake form. The Privacy Policy is for you to read and keep for your records and does not need to be brought to session with you.

You are never too old to set another goal or
to dream a new dream.
— C.S. Lewis
Click to download this form and bring it to session filled out.

Click to download this form and bring it to session filled out.

This is your copy to keep. No need to bring this to the session.

This is your copy to keep. No need to bring this to the session.