Frequently Asked Questions

How long do sessions typically last?

Sessions are between 45-50 minutes.

What are your office hours?

My office hours vary depending on the day and the week, but generally 9-6, Monday - Thursday. The office is closed on weekends. On the “Request appointment” button on the online scheduling system, all available appointment times can be viewed anytime of day or night.

Do you have any late office hours?

Yes, but late appointments are made on an individual basis, and every effort is given to meet the need of the clients. Since there are fewer evening hours available for scheduling, it can sometimes take between 2-3 weeks for new clients to be scheduled in those time slots. The online scheduling system is live and up to date with all available appointment times. Simply click the “Request Appointment” to view the schedule.

What do sessions cost?

There is no cost difference between an individual or a couple session, and I do not charge more for the initial “intake” session, like many counseling offices do. Cost is $85 cash/check, $90 credit/debit card per session. Each client responsible for full payment at time of session. PLEASE NOTE: The office maintains a STRICT $45 late cancellation/no-show policy. The appointment must be changed or cancelled 24 hours before the appointment or the $45 late cancellation/no show fee will be charged to the card on file.

How do I pay for the service?

Fee may be paid with cash, check, debit/credit card, or flex spending/HSA cards. The fee is due at the conclusion of each appointment.

Who will i talk to when i call?

I personally return all messages left on my voicemail. My office number is exclusively answered by voicemail only, since I am either in session or working on scheduling and paperwork. PLEASE leave your name and contact information on the voicemail; I do not return missed calls. I return phone calls periodically throughout the day and I attempt to return all phone calls within 24 hours. Typically, no phone calls are returned after 6:00 pm or on weekends.

do you text your clients?

If the client agrees to being contacted via text message, I text for scheduling purposes ONLY. I do not do any therapeutic, session, or issue processing via text messages.

What are your credentials and where have you worked before?

I received my Master of Arts Degree in Community Counseling from Sam Houston State University and my Bachelor Degree from Texas A&M University (Gig 'em!) in Speech Communication. For over 2-1/2 years I was on the clinical staff at A&M Christian Counseling Center in Bryan, TX, and I left there in December 2015 to work full-time in my private practice in Huntsville. I am licensed in the state of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor (license #71081) and I am a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). I am a member of the American Christian Counseling Association (ACCA), the American Counseling Association (ACA), and the Texas Counseling Association (TCA).

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Do you take insurance?

I do not process insurance in my office. I understand this can be a "deal-breaker" for some. I get it! But please know I work hard for my clients and I work to keep my rates well below the state average for counseling services. On the bottom of this page I explain more about insurance and here are some of the reasons I do not contract with insurance companies.

how can I seek reimbursements from my insurance company for the session cost?

I gladly provide receipts optimally configured for clients (SuperBills) to help assist in seeking reimbursement from insurance plans. You will need to contact your insurance company directly and ask them if they cover an out-of-network counselor who is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Texas and how to seek reimbursements after paying for your own sessions.  *Please note that when submitting receipts for your reimbursement, insurance companies require that I provide a mental health diagnosis. This diagnosis will become a part of your permanent medical record.

How long does treatment typically last and how often?

Duration of treatment varies with each situation. Treatment can be effective within the first several weeks. For more intense concerns, the length of treatment can extend for longer periods of time. Frequency of treatment varies with each individual as well. However, several general guidelines are suggested. Weekly appointments are recommended at first, primarily to gain relational comfort and consistency then things can be adapted according to goals and depending on the unique needs of the individual.

Do you refer to psychiatrist or prescribe medication?

I am able to provide a list of several trusted psychiatrists for when referrals are necessary. No, I do not prescribe medication. That is done exclusively by a psychiatrist or a primary care doctor.

Do you offer Consulting or teach seminars for organizations or leadership teams?

Yes! I enjoy teaching about mental health issues and awareness, providing leadership consulting, and speaking to teams about healthy relational dynamics. Appointments and pricing are made on an individual basis by calling 936-931-8051. You can read more about my vision for healthy soul care, courageous living, and tips for living a whole and healed life on my blog, A Soul Adventurer.

What are some of your reasons for not processing insurance in your office?

The primary reason is that is extremely time-consuming for a sole practitioner to be contracted to numerous insurance companies. Reimbursement rates are extremely low and the red-tape in seeking reimbursements is complicated. To keep my costs as affordable as possible and to keep my focus on helping my clients, I work to keep my business plan as simple as possible. Managed care companies usually require therapists to justify and convince Utilization Review professionals before treatment is approved/continued. This is time-consuming for the therapist and can often lead to having to end treatment before the client is ready. If you would like to know more, here are more of the reasonings.

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